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Positive January Thoughts

Winter painting in the North Yorkshire countryside

It is the time of year When we are moving far away from the summer, our store of sunshine vitamins is running out and there isnt quite enough light. We can be indoors more than usual because the weather is changeable and so we can be drawn into looking at social media more where what we see isn’t really a true reflection of the world or we see more bad news than we would normally see When there is a crisis.

Balance is so important isnt it? Well Im feeling really thankful today, I am lucky that I have such lovely friends and family members, peer independents and customers who help me to keep it real and remind me about Balance!
It is so easy to get swept away with doing more and more to try and keep up with everything going on in an unbalanced way that we see online and think this is normal when it’s not. The shouty loud approches that do not work for everyone and to develop a fear of missing out but all that happens is doing too much can eventually lead to burn out for lots of people.

Healthy balance through creativity

There are ways of keeping a good healthy balance which can really help with the January blues. One is to tune into more positive images and to limit negative ones and see more of the people who make you happy 😊☀️

Creativity or creative activities, solo or as part of a group really do make you feel great, when we are in creative flow we are absorbed in the process and it is wonderfully peaceful and calming. Quiet time each day or week works wonders for listening to how we are feeling whilst we create, often we pick up signs when we truly stop like, I’m feeling so tired..what could I do about That? Joining an art class or workshop can be very positive because there is often a supportive environment and others who are also going to enjoy the creative process so it brings more positive balance to your week.

If you can get outside even for a short time it can be wonderful to get fresh air and to see what is happening and to observe the very life growing around us. Every little change reminds us that Spring is on its way, new life cycles, lambs, spring growth and for those who love gardening, a whole new growing cycle.

I am not a trained health professional, I am simply me, a mum and an artist with a family, who is enjoying life and sharing what works for me and I hope this helps at least one person pick up a pencil or brush, feel happier in nature, keep a more positive balance just for them and most importantly realise they are wonderful ☀️

Planning a few lovely things into your life is a lovely way to start. Mine is to grow lots of veg this year and make a new area in the garden. I’d love to hear any lovely things you are planning 🌟

Happy January Thoughts to you💗

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