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New Year-Bringing Joy

Happy New Years wishes to you all on New Year’s Day 2020! I love the simplicity of the New Year and like to keep my hopes and wishes as simple as possible as I know that it will work for me with plenty of open ended flexibility. We are all so different and i truly believe that if we have faith in our own abilities, celebrate our unique skills and find a way of focusing on what we love that we will find more Joy! For some of you that will mean planning, listing, sketching, noting, creating a vision board, working more intuitively or simply a Sticky note with your intentions on the mirror. The point is it doesn’t matter as long as it helps you on your journey and it suits you. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece-just one movement of a pencil.

Mine is very simple- Bring More Joy! Written in my Sketchbook which i will add to in lots of messy notes and scribbles so that it weaves in across all areas of life- That’s it for now. So here is the the 1st of some of my new work ‘Angels’ which brings me much Joy and I have a beautiful feeling it will bring Joy to others too. Each Angel brings a different message. More on Angels later. Look out soon for ‘Sending Love’, ‘Sending Peace’ and ‘Sending Light’, I hope they bring you comfort and Joy too or even perhaps help remind you to note something wonderful that you deserve in your life this year! XXX

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