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February Family Friendly Painting Workshops near Thirsk

Warm the heart with creativity on a cold winter Saturday with the ‘Myths and Legends’ inspired workshop 10-1PM Saturday 29th February

Well, January saw the launch of the first Family Friendly Painting Workshop held at York House Holiday Park in Balk, near Thirsk North Yorkshire. It was a joy to run and everyone had such a lovely time, learning new painting skills and techniques together in this wonderful, calm relaxed holiday environment, whilst enjoying the gorgeous refreshments provided by the Old Barn Cafe on site.

The Aim of the family friendly workshops is to create space, opportunity and some special time to create together as a family if wanted or alone to relax and I’m happy to say that we had families, mum’s and daughters of all ages and people coming for a calm time on their own and it was a wonderful morning.

The idea came from a few friends who said they would love to make time to come and paint with their children who love art and create some special memories❤🎨 So I designed the workshop to allow special tickets for adults plus a child up to 17 or Adult tickets and found the perfect venue. The icing on the cake is taking home your very own Artwork on canvas, giving you long lasting memories of this special creative experience!
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How does the workshop work?

Well you will experience 1st hand what it is like to be an artist using all the equipment easels. There is a choice of themes to pick from at each workshop and I will guide you through expertly helping you to achieve success to create your own painting at your own individual level through some guidance and quiet, supportive 1-1 tuition within the group, weather you are an Adult, teen or child. There will be a break for cake and drinks.

What do I need to bring?

Everything you will need is provided so after booking, just arrive and enjoy the morning. 😊

Do I need to be able to paint?

The answer is no 😊 As long as you or your child can hold a brush and sit and concentrate for an hour and a half at a time and you would like to create then that is all you need. I will help you to feel more confident and relax. Roughly half of the adults on the Workshops had not painted since school and surprised themselves in a positive way and really enjoyed spending time creating. If you decide to bring a family member who is a child, grandchild, daughter, nephew, expect that they will enjoy having you there too! The surprise here too is that they are often impressed with what you can do.

The Venue and refreshments

 The York Holiday Park is a wonderful venue helping you to feel relaxed as you arrive. Parking is accessible down a wide driveway, a 2 minute walk onsite and the front doors and venue is flat and located next to the carpark, being accessed through large double doors. Please see the video clips to give you a clear idea and take away the mystery of arrival. Delicious cake and drinks are included in the ticket price and made onsite and served by the Old Barn Cafe. Hope you will join us, kindest regards, Rebecca Jayne- Artist

Inside the spacious Barn venue
Access and parking