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Creative Connection

At the end of winter a wonderful friend and fellow creative Sarah Macvean Videography captured a really lovely video of me at work in my studio. I’m always telling everyone who will listen about the beauty of being in full creative flow. It is a whole body and spirit connection and is truly lovely and relaxing. I just love how she has captured the true essence of this process!! It was my son who told me how I’m always smiling when I paint! I wasn’t aware of it as when you Are in flow, you are totally absorbed in the moment. Hope you enjoy watching X

Video by Macvean Videography
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Sunflowers- Simple Joy

This spring and Summer has been one of the best for warmth and sun and early sunflowers are starting to flower! They are one of the most wonderful blooms to bring cheer and happiness with their gorgeous colours and shapes. They bring back very happy memories for me, of fields nodding happily in the South of France on holidays as a child, carefree with my feet in the sand and dusty forest campsite floor! There is just something very special indeed about them, turning their heads, following the sun. I fell in love with Van Gogh’s painting as a teenager and must have been influenced by his work and the Mediterranean way of life as I just love using colour and free movement in my paintings too. If one thing is for sure, when the sun goes down and the Winter draws in, Sunflowers captured on canvas, continue to bring pure joy and a smile all year around! Long live summer!

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Joy of a Handwritten Card

One of the lovely things to have come out of our time spent at home together has been rediscovering writing to loved ones, family and friends. Yes our teenage children still send messages through social media, but it has been really special to sit around the kitchen table and really think about what kind messages to write to Grandma or to family friends and how it will make them smile!

Our blank Greetings cards have been the perfect choice to send because there is just enough space to create a special message and weekly update and the children and adults have loved picking different designs to ‘surprise’ each time. They are so uplifting and cheerful and have been written and received with joy! It is particularly lovely to know that each of the cards started out as a painting and that the cheery names are on the back.

Did you know that the custom of sending greetings cards can be traced back to early Egyption times when greetings were exchanged on pyrus scrolls and then in Europe by the early 15th Century handmade paper cards.

Whilst the greetings cards are not on pyrus paper, they are helpful to the environment printed on sustainably sourced fsc card stock and inside compostable cellos.

With so many to choose from, everyone can be included and you are sure to raise a smile- for many weeks because who doesn’t like to display their card with beautiful sentiments where it can be reread?

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Country Living Pop up Market News❤ Please Join me online this weekend!

Cherry Blossom Joy original oil

A lovely hello to everyone!! It has been such a different time for us all and we are now already nearing the end of the Spring season. I hope you are safe and well. I have mostly been supporting my three boys at home with their learning, gardening and trying to paint the beauty around such as blossom.

Although we do not yet know when we will be able to resume get togethers and days out – I have some good news for you. I am joining forces with Country Living and joining many Artisans in a big online pop up Artisan Market this weekend starting midnight on Friday 8th – Sunday 10th May.

I want to make sure you get access to discount codes for my shop for this event! There will be 20% off everything – including all original Artwork with the exception of workshops and classes! You will also be able to shop with many other Artisan makers too, supporting small independents like myself- which I might add we are truly grateful for right Now xx

To access the codes sign up through the link below or on Instagram @Clartisans in the link at the top of the page! I will look forward to seeing you there

Deliveries of cards by bicycle to local villages, thanks to my son for fitting my basket.
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The Joyful creative learning for young people in lockdown! Art classes went online and lots of older children and teens learned new skills, kept creativity flowing and had a really lovely time!

There were lots of challenges for us all but one of the wonderful things to emerge has been the ability to learn how to use new platforms to take my art classes online! Reaching a wonderful new group of older children and teens and being able to offer bespoke sessions to families both locally and across the UK.

Ellie and her magical landscapes

Creativity plays a really important part in being present in the moment, the ability to transform a blank piece of paper into something is inspiring! I really wanted to focus on what our next generation of young people can do! Focus on the positive- enthusiasm for learning, ideas, creativity and emerging talent of our wonderful kids. I wanted to give them an opportunity to flourish!

My classes help break down an artwork into steps for success, with lots of encouragement and personalised teaching along the way. It is a joy to see confidence developing, an enjoyment of art and children and teens flourish! Of course there is also a sense of having a shared interest of art with others on the session too! In these times, that is important!

These sessions are taking place every week until the end of March on zoom. If you have a young artist who would enjoy these sessions please do contact me. I’m a fully qualified teacher (BED Hons) with over 20 years experience and a profession artist too.

Next session
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Edging into Autumn 🍁

Don’t you just love the start of Autumn? The harvest is almost finished, there is that lovely harvest smell and a nip in the air which leads us indoors a little more. The Autumn equinox signalling equal night and daylight hours means that we are naturally more in tune once again with the natural cycles of time. When it becomes darker we are more naturally inclined to rest. We have sown, watered and grown our produce and flowers over the Spring and summer and can truly enjoy all that the harvest has to offer us. For me a favourite is still apples- bringing them in, baking apple flapjack and Apple crumble for my sons! It’s joyful. That is how one of my favourite paintings happened! Capturing these moments- The Apple harvest and other gorgeous changes in nature like collecting conkers together. There is something so special about these simple but lovely times. The happy memories last a lifetime. Autumn is truly a time to celebrate, the colours evoke a warmth only Autumn understands. What is your favourite joyful memory of Autumn?

Well I’m so happy to be helping you to celebrate these special moments. My shop will be turning in tune with Autumn too-with gorgeous products to help you celebrate in a simple way, capturing this very favourite season. XXX Enjoy