Creating an about page is quite difficult. Who likes talking or writing about themselves? I really want to talk about art and find out more about you. It took me a while but I’ve realised that by telling you a little more about myself that you’ll be able to see more clearly what I offer and hopefully how it will inject more fun, happiness and balance into your life too.


Becky: Who am I and what do I do?


I live and work near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, near the beautiful North York Moors with my family. I teach and paint a wide range of topics observing and studying texture, colour, line and tone capturing the true miracles of life in a vibrant palette to awake the senses, predominantly in oils and acrylics but I do have some fun with hand-painting denim which I take down to the Art Market by the River in York.

I started because I understand that art is relaxing, uplifting and healing and a great way to bring joy and happiness into daily lives to people and wanted to share this. I started with my original artwork which celebrates the joy in the simple but absolutely beautiful wildlife and nature and moments in the seasons which bring warmth to the human soul.


After having a life-threatening illness over 10 years ago, it is my belief that everyday is for living and that bringing more joy to our lives is so important, that we are born to live and thrive and creativity is one element that does this.


Balance is also important so we can stop to enjoy the small moments as is kindness as it is a super powerful quality that brings joy to ourselves and others. I firmly believe that when we approach the world with compassion, everyone benefits.


This is central to all threads of my business, my original artwork aims to bring joy as do my prints, greetings cards and classes.

Original Artwork

There is no bigger compliment than someone else feeling good when they spend time with my creation. More so when they love it enough to share that joy with others by gifting it on or taking it into their own home.

Each painting is painted with positive energy, calm and joy and I hope will truly uplift and create a space of happiness, warmth and calm for you to enjoy in your home and sanctuary -wherever you are or however busy life is.




I love to absorb myself in the journey of creativity, bringing meaning, clarity or a greater understanding/ learning. Each piece has a story about life, living and often hope. Finding the gold in simplicity.


I’m fascinated with learning about ways of living and thinking simply, in other cultures- Japanese Ikagi, Swedish- lagom, Korean Nunchi and so much more. This dovetails with my own lifestyle and what I try to bring to others. Sharing beauty in simplicity.


Where do you get inspiration for creativity? You certainly don’t need to be a professional painter or sculptor to be creative or to design, paint, draw or produce something beautiful. I’d love to hear more about what sparks your creative thoughts, and what drives your thirst for learning. As a teacher I find that there is something magical in expanding our knowledge through learning and experiences and allowing it to open new doors and perspectives.


My inspiration comes from the divine beauty of nature which is mesmerising, wonderful, beautiful and a gift! Spending time in my garden or outside observing the changes with the seasons I find gives a sense of stillness and anchors me and slows us down to a healthy living pace. Being at one is when I paint my truest Paintings. It’s a joyful connected experience. This transfers directly to my teaching too.

Workshops and Classes


In recent years my classes and workshops bring both a lovely experience to my customers including relaxation, enjoyable ways to learn new skills, creativity and a great deal of support.


I have a passion for equality and am very experienced with understanding different learning styles and how to help remove barriers to learning so that they are a lovely experience. This comes through strongly at the classes and events, through my inclusive approach- everyone who wants to can access the joy in creativity! From beginner to professional artist.


I Appreciate You


Thank you for spending a little of your precious time on finding out more about me and what makes me tick.


I hope you will continue your journey of discovery with me, either through my original artworks, my workshops and classes or by joining the conversation with me online via my Facebook or Instagram accounts.


Much love,

Becky x