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Living and working

I live and work in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, near the beautiful North York Moors with my family. I work in a mini studio from home, surrounded by an abundance of nature quite literally on my doorstep, both in the beautiful countryside and in my garden, which I am slowly and lovingly developing into an artist’s garden and tranquil haven. I love to gather from my garden bringing a bit of the outside in and I work closely observing and studying texture, colour, line and tone whilst capturing the beauty in a painting.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from the divine beauty of nature which I find mesmerizing, wonderful, beautiful and a gift! When I spend time outside observing the changes with the seasons it makes me live fully in the present, be more thankful, be mindful of caring for the environment, feel the natural energy and be filled with a sense of natural awe and wonder! It is a pleasure to capture and share such beauty with you.


My Connection with Art

I was given my first set of oil paints and an easel when I was thirteen and was totally captivated and from that point I developed a lifelong love with the arts. I have been influenced by family holidays as a child to France which hold special memories for me, the ambiance, the colours of the Mediterranean, the warmth, lush ingredients growing freely and sold at the side of the road, fields of sunflowers and so many artists lining the side of many beautiful locations.

Visiting both Monet’s Gardens and the Van Gogh trail has had a lasting influence for me artistically, in capturing the beauty in the ordinary and using a liberating freedom of movement. You may find elements of colour and line and the spirit of contemporary impressionism in my artworks.

My Journey and Wish

I studied fine art at Nottingham Trent University as my specialism, as part of a BED Honours degree qualifying in 1997 and have continued to paint during my time working in education.

In 2009 after a life changing journey and treatment, I was thankfully given the all clear from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was following this time during the road to recovery that I began to paint again and can say that creativity and art healed, inspired and truly enabled me to rebuild my confidence and energy! I hope that this little message will inspire creativity too.

In July 2016 I made the exciting leap to fulfill my wish to become a full time professional artist.

Each painting is painted with energy and love and I hope that each piece of artwork you buy will truly uplift and create a space of happiness and beauty for you to enjoy in your home and sanctuary.