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Winter Workshops

Sharing the love of creativity

January and February are the perfect time to cosy up indoors and naturally it is a time of deep rest for nature outside. Trees are regenerating quietly and have shed their leaves so they can rest, many animals are hibernating and migrating birds have left for warmer climates as food is scarce.

In tune with nature’s true cycles when the days are at their shortest, we feel the need too, to rest in the warmth. It is during this time when we have slowed down our pace, that we can find the pleasure of connecting to our creativity again and discover the joy that creativity is part of our natural human instinct. It fills our soul on cold, dull day and we feel more connected to ourselves, others and the natural world around us, once we start creativity is contagious.

So here lies the inspiration for the first Acrylic Workshop! I have designed this ‘Winter Wonderland’ Acrylic workshop to celebrate this special season and create space and time for family and friends to get together and connect through Painting together. With some helpful tips, techniques and lots of kind support and of course some lovely fresh tea and cake to keep warm. Set in a beautiful converted barn location. Come and join us! Every level of experience welcome because creativity is for everyone to enjoy!

The tickets below are for One adult plus One child up to the Age of 17 Years, for adult only tickets or to purchase an additional child ticket with an adult already booked on please email and I will arrange tickets for you if there is space available.

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New Art Classes

When I started planning to run some art classes locally, little did I know that this would grow into something quite wonderful. Now there are two new classes running in January and February! The perfect time to get creative during the winter time of resting but also to get out and about and learn some tips to help you be more successful with Art and be part of a positive group who also want to learn and get together. In this busy world where there is always a long list, it will give you planned time just for you! To focus on the processes of creating and to learn how to be happy with your art journey in this very supportive environment ?

Get in touch to see if there are any spaces, it could be the best thing you do for You this winter ??