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The Joyful creative learning for young people in lockdown! Art classes went online and lots of older children and teens learned new skills, kept creativity flowing and had a really lovely time!

There were lots of challenges for us all but one of the wonderful things to emerge has been the ability to learn how to use new platforms to take my art classes online! Reaching a wonderful new group of older children and teens and being able to offer bespoke sessions to families both locally and across the UK.

Ellie and her magical landscapes

Creativity plays a really important part in being present in the moment, the ability to transform a blank piece of paper into something is inspiring! I really wanted to focus on what our next generation of young people can do! Focus on the positive- enthusiasm for learning, ideas, creativity and emerging talent of our wonderful kids. I wanted to give them an opportunity to flourish!

My classes help break down an artwork into steps for success, with lots of encouragement and personalised teaching along the way. It is a joy to see confidence developing, an enjoyment of art and children and teens flourish! Of course there is also a sense of having a shared interest of art with others on the session too! In these times, that is important!

These sessions are taking place every week until the end of March on zoom. If you have a young artist who would enjoy these sessions please do contact me. I’m a fully qualified teacher (BED Hons) with over 20 years experience and a profession artist too.

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