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Sunflowers- Simple Joy

This spring and Summer has been one of the best for warmth and sun and early sunflowers are starting to flower! They are one of the most wonderful blooms to bring cheer and happiness with their gorgeous colours and shapes. They bring back very happy memories for me, of fields nodding happily in the South of France on holidays as a child, carefree with my feet in the sand and dusty forest campsite floor! There is just something very special indeed about them, turning their heads, following the sun. I fell in love with Van Gogh’s painting as a teenager and must have been influenced by his work and the Mediterranean way of life as I just love using colour and free movement in my paintings too. If one thing is for sure, when the sun goes down and the Winter draws in, Sunflowers captured on canvas, continue to bring pure joy and a smile all year around! Long live summer!