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The Wonder of Art Workshops!

The Enchanted Landscapes, Myths and Legends Painting Art Workshop near Thirsk Was truly magical! The photo above tells an important story of transformation and what being an artist is truly about.

I just love to see the transformation when creativity is encouraged, supported and guided! It is absolutely wonderful to see all the blank canvases which are filled over the session with marks, colours and layers of wonderful careful thinking, placement, colours which have been mixed and tried out first and each of those lines is a brave and bold go at painting! Each person’s painting is a representation of the faith they had in the process, even when it does not often look how we want it to until sometimes the last part of the session.

The transformation is also very much about every lovely person’s connection with their own piece, getting lost in the flow of painting and the real joy in their progress realising how much they have learned over the time and then to really see what a wonderful, unique artwork they have done!! It is so fantastic! Even though I know what to expect, I’m still so happy to be lucky enough to be a part of this very special process as coach and teacher! It still blows me away. It doesn’t matter about age either younger or older, the joy is there for everyone, in little moments of surprise about what they have produced!

Caught in the special creative flow
Observing creative transformation

Creating time for Art is really positive. For our well being, being lost in the moment, relaxing and enjoying colours and especially playing and experimenting. Can you be an Artist- Of course you can! If you would like to join the next workshop, please click the links, you are always very welcome to join us X