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Summer September Art Classes in Thirsk

Well, what a change we have managed in so many unexpected ways this year! There was a time that we thought we may not get back to meeting and socialising and events and goodness did we miss our human interactions and our own space!

I felt the same and so when the Town Hall reopened, worked hard to get some sense of normality and routine back so that my lovely Art class members, current and new could access the same wonderful, supportive classes, just with more careful planning to ensure that the government guidelines are in place to keep everyone safe. It was so very worth it! I ran classes over August and now we are back for the last 3 weeks of the Summer Block for September! Continuing for as much of the year ahead as we are able to. We have all embraced the changes and have relaxed, had lovely conversations, supported and learned and relearned to focus-blissfully connected to our artwork and concentration and that is just so important right now! Our new normal still feels good.

If you would like to join, to relax, to focus on the moment of creativity then please do! Any level of experience is very welcome!! I foster a positive environment with praise and helpful guidance at the centre of each 2 hour lesson, helping you to improve your knowledge and practice over each week and above all creating space and time for you to experience the joy and peace that Art can bring! Click the link below to dates and booking information.

September 2020 Daytime Tuesday Art Class-Block of 3